About Us

Outward Bound is an experience unlike anything else that you will have done, or will possibly do again. It is YOUR personal Journey of Discovery where you will spend time with a group of people taking part in adventures while learning about your real potential and capabilities.

At Outward Bound you will come into contact with new challenges where the outdoors are your classroom, and all the activities are designed to promote interests that can be transferred back to home, work and school.

The Biosphere Reserve presents exciting new opportunities to link outdoor adventures to the identification and articulation of programs and plans (involving local communities) which can help to make the designation of this area a sustainable reality.The Garden Route has recently been designated as South Africa’s ninth UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, recognized internationally for its potential to be a learning place for sustainable development, where biodiversity conservation is reconciled with the sustainable use of natural resources.

Mission of Outward Bound

The mission of Outward Bound South Africa is to transform individuals and groups to achieve their best. We equip people with the character, will, values and self-belief to live their lives to the full and to consistently make the right choices. We aim to uplift communities through the influence of empowered individuals.

There are millions of disadvantaged youth around our country who feel that they have no hope and have given up on society, have usually dropped out of school and then become involved in crime and drugs. In order to stop this scourge we need to get to these young people when they first drop out of school, help them to rebuild their self-esteem, teach them that they are able to achieve so much more than they believe, and encourage them to return to school. Unfortunately in order to touch as many lives a possible, we need funding. This is why we are turning to you and hoping that you will help us turn our youth into contributing members of society.

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