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May Blog Post: “What are Rations and why do OBSA use them?”

If you want to read all about Rations, what they are and what purpose they serve, then please click the link


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Sales Job Open

If you live in Cape Town and want to make some extra money, then this could be for you!
Outward Bound SA is looking for a Sales Rep to visit Clients in and around Cape Town on a commission bases. Read the job criteria on the Poster and if you qualify, please send your CV through to the email provided below.

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Make this your year and join our fantastic Team!


Willow Point Canoe Hire!

the Willow pointCanoe Hire

If you are a Garden Route local or just visiting, we want to let you know that Outward Bound is now offering Canoe Hires on the weekends!
Give us a call if you want to explore the Swartvlei!

Call us on 044 343 2044 to book.

December Blog: 22 Ways to Enhance a Debrief

22 Ways to Enhance a Debrief

“One of the main reasons that an Outward Bound program is so different from that of other Adventure Companies, is our fundamental concept of Group Debriefings. This is an important educational tool to better gain an understanding from the Participants on their experience with the OBSA activities”.

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November Blog Topic: Safety at Outward Bound SA

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“At Outward Bound South Africa (OBSA) our primary focus is our Participants Safety while on one of our wilderness courses. We pride ourselves on our high International Safety  Standards and can easily say that Safety is our Number One priority! Why? Well it’s simple, OBSA is solely responsible for our Participant’s lives while on our expeditional  programs”.

To continue reading, please clink the link below.

What Are The Safety Standards At Outward Bound South Africa?


This month’s Blog Post was written by our Level 2 Instructor, Jacob van Dyk.

Summer Camp happening this December Holidays

OUtward Bound (1)

Parents, Book your kids in this December for an awesome time camping and adventuring in the Local Garden Route wilderness while hiking, canoeing, abseiling and so much more.

Dates: 11-15th

Cost: R1500.00

Times: Parents to drop off  at 9am on the 11th December at Sedgefield Primary School and collect at 2pm on the 15th December.

Meet the Outward Bound Family.

Family is not an important thing. It is everything.

We are so grateful to all of our Outward Bound Family and the impact and amazing work you all do on a daily bases.

AMG group 2

MySchoolCard Application Forms



Outward Bound SA is soon to be a new MySchoolCard Beneficiary!

But we need some help. We need a LOTS of applications to be granted as a full Beneficiary.

Step One is very simple. You can start by downloading the application form:


Step two: Fill it in, sign it, and then emailing it back to us via clients@outwardbound.co.za.

If you already have a MySchoolCArd, then you can add Outward Bound South Africa Trust as a second or third Beneficiary to your card. Yes, your allowed THREE Beneficiaries!

Help us to fund our less fortunate South African Youth and educated them through their experiences in the outdoors how to become tomorrows Leaders!

October Blog Post

“What, then, is the Hahn philosophy and what were the principles which were special to the Salem and Gordonstoun system?”…

Click the link below to find out all about the Hahn Philosophy and what model Outward Bound South Africa is proud to stand on:



Join us at our Family Summer Camp!






family holiday camp 2017


We know that this has been a long year for most, so why not join us at the Outward Bound Family Summer Camp and catch up on some much needed family time while camping in the breath taking Garden Route forests and landscapes with the whole family!

Food, drinks, camping equipment, all day activities, bone fires under the stars, and much much more all included for

the price of R380.00 pp per day.

Dates: 18-22nd December

Contact us on 082 557 6384 to book!

Your adventure awaits!

Good Hope FM Interview with Zack Mpho

Our very Own Outward Bound Training Manager, Zack Mpho, got an exclusive interview on the Good Hope FM Morning Show in Cape Town on the 7th October 2017. Here he got to chat about his personal experience at Outward Bound and how Outward Bound can positively affect other South African Youth. Should you want to see more, go to our Facebook page and watch the recorded interview.




IMG-20171007-WA0003[1] IMG-20171007-WA0000[1]

August Post

If you want an inside look at what Outward Bound is all about, please have a look this months Blog Post written by Shirley Botha.


Thank You Knysna Rotary

Here at Outward Bound we are always so blown away by the generosity of Others! We would like to thank Rotary Knysna for their generous contribution towards the Whaler Boats!
These boats are used extensively on our courses as a form of team work where the students learn communication skills, navigation skills and water safety. These boats have a long history in Outward Bound and we are very happy to be able to put them to good use again.

July Blog Post

This month our Training Coordinator, Zack, put together an interesting piece entailed:

Sea Kayaking and Hiking Expedition.

Please click on the link below to view the blog post:



Family Summer Camp

Have an adventure at the best camp!


Don’t let this awesome Summer Camp fit for the whole family slip past you!

Bookings are now open and there is limited space available.

5 days of action packed fun while out in the breathtaking Garden Route Forests.

Send us a message on clients@outwardbound.co.za to book your family in.

June Blog-written by KG Shou

This is this Months Blog Post: June.

Topic: Community Service

Writer: KG Shou

Please let us know your comments. Final Community Service

New Course Report

We have a new look for our Course Reports that go out to all our valuable Clients at the end of every completed course.

This shows the results , statistics and reviews of the course as a whole and the indervidials.

Have a look and please let us know your thoughts!New Course report templete


New Tents!


They have arrived!!

All shiney and new and ready to be used on the next Outward Bound Course! We have recieved enough tents to cater for nearly 100 participants. These tents are top of the line, super comfortable and very spacious. Book a course with us and experience them yourself!

A Proud Supporter of Elizma Fuller

Outward Bound is proudly associated with Elizma Fuller as she attempts to be the first women to solo canoe the South African Coastline in 2017.

Should you wish to follow Fuller on her adventure, all updates and events will be posted on our Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/OutwardBoundSA/)

Lets stand behind our local athletes!




Winter Challenge 2017

Hey Guys,

This year we will be holding a WINTER CHALLENGE in the July School Holidays!

If you are interested in signing your kids up, please contact us on the details provided.

Let the ADVENTURE begin!

New Staff Clothing

Outward Bound staff recently received new staff clothing from a sponsor in North Wales.   Sovrin is a first aid training business based in Anglesey that specializes in first aid training , health, social and safety training. A big thank you to Jackie and her team at Sovrin Training.


Youth Leadership Course

Outward Bound was recently allocated some funding from the Knysna Municipality and these monies were used to fund a leadership programme for young people from the Masithandane and Karatara areas.

Most of the participants did not previous know one another and therefore the whole experience was something new.  They had to learn to work with people that they had never met, spend time in the outdoors and to look after not only themselves, but each other as well.

The overall experience was one of meeting new people and making new friends, doing things that they never thought they would ever do, and realising that they are all capable of pushing themselves to new limits and achieving so much more in their lives.  The aims of the course were to encourage the participants to explore their strengths and learn more about themselves and their capabilities; to build their self-confidence and provide an opportunity for them to learn how to work with other members of their communities in leadership roles.

The course took place at the Outward Bound base on the Swartvlei outside of Sedgefield where activities such as hiking, camping, abseiling, canoeing, and various other activities were performed by the students.  The reasons for participating in such challenges are to learn life skills such as trust, planning skills, perseverance, decision making, tenacity and endurance amongst many others.

At the end of the course, the participants each write an experience letters talking of what they have learned from the different challenges.  Following is the letter written by one of the students, Valentine Benson which sums up the whole event :

“So at first I said to myself that this is nonsense!  I can’t do all this stuff, but how wrong was I?  I surprised myself, I didn’t think I could do all the activities given to me.  I am more aware of my responsibilities to help others and myself in my daily life.  I was never a person who cared for the environment and everything in and around it.  I now understand and feel I have a responsibility toward the environment.  The confidence in myself is much higher than it was before. I am now capable of working with other people more effectively.”


20160507_155535On behalf of these participant, Outward Bound would like to thank the Knysna Municipality for their support and we wish them every success in their futures, wherever they may lead.

Diversion Programmes

20151130_165528The Western Cape Department of Social Development is extremely active in various programmes to change the lives of the disadvantaged youth of the province to help keep them out of gangs and/or prison and to turn them into contributing members of society. Unfortunately the numbers are enormous and the task onerous, but they are doing a remarkable job and are slowly changing the lives of many of these young people.

In 2015 the Department approached Outward Bound to run the wilderness element of some of their diversion programmes. These are for groups of young people who have been in conflict with the law, usually as first-time offenders, and their crimes range from petty theft to stock theft, sexual assault and drug dealing. These young people all come from extremely difficult backgrounds and the courts request that they attend diversion programmes instead of sending them to jail.

Over the course of the year we have run a number of these courses and the results have been startling. In the beginning the participants usually don’t want to be there and many of them ask to leave. What is amazing to watch is how those who realise that they have been given a second change by attending the course persuade those that want to leave to stay, turn their lives around and make something of themselves. To date all the participants have completed their courses and the feedback that we receive has been outstanding. When speaking to the individual participants towards the end of the courses, they all mention that they understand why they are there and talk of learning lessons such as patience, tolerance, perseverance and self-confidence. They talk about thinking hard before committing acts such as fighting or stealing.

These groups of young people are part of a year-long diversion programme of which Outward Bound is only a short part, but it is proving to be a vital element in their rehabilitation. This is most evident in the fact that the Department have approached Outward Bound to run more programmes again this year. We thank them for their support and wish the young people every success in turning their lives around.

International School of South Africa: 17-24 October 2015


issa1 issa2 issa3

Veritas College: 5-9 October 2015

                                                           Venterskroon, Potchefstroom

ver1 ver2 ver3 ver4 ver5 ver6

St David’s College – Grade 10: 28 September – 2 October 2015


std1 std2 std3 std4 std5 std6 std7

Collegiate Girls’ High School – Grade 10: 15-19 September 2015

                                                                       Willow Point, Sedgefield

Colleg1 Colleg2 colleg3 colleg4 colleg5 Colleg6