Raymond Ackerman Academy: 9-11 September 2015

                                                       Robertson, Cape Town

raa sept6 raa sept5 raa sept4 Raa sept3 Raa sept2 Raa sept1

ThunderChild: 4-6 September 2015

                                                     Robertson, Cape Town

TC1 TC2 tc3 tc4 tc5 tc6 tc7

Wittedrift High School: 28-30 August

                                                                                   Willow Point, Sedgefield

Wittedrift1 Wittedrift2 Wittedrift3 wittedrift4 Wittedrift5 Wittedrift6

St Benedict’s College: 1-7 August 2015

                                                                                                       Venterskroon, Potchefstroom

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South African Association of Youth Clubs: 20-24 July 2015

                       Venterskroon, Potchefstroom


Outward Bound Movie

Enjoy our movie taken at Sedgefield on the Garden Route where a school group enjoys many of the centre-based activities.

New Staff Apparel

Many thanks to the following who sponsored new T-shirts for our Instructing Staff:

  • Plett Sports
  • CemAir
  • Face Adrenalin

    Proud Staff wearing their new T-Shirts.

    Proud Staff wearing their new T-Shirts.

Deon Snyders accepting the new T-shirts from Deon Coetzer of Plett Sports.

Deon Snyders accepting the new T-shirts from Deon Coetzer of Plett Sports.

GIBS: 22-24 May 2015

Venterskroon base


Kingsmead College: 13-16 May 2015

Lapalala Wilderness


Oasis Rehabilitation Centre: 13-14 May 2015

Willow Point base


MultiChoice Soccer Youth Group: 19-25 April 2015

Harrismith base


Redhill College: 13-17 April 2015

Venterskroon base

Redhill Redhill1

British Nigerian Academy: 7-11 April 2015

Venterskroon base


Knysna Rotary: 7-11 April 2015

Willow Point base

Rotary Rotary1

Rustenburg Girls’ High School: 3-7 April 2015

Robertson base


Raymond Ackerman Academy: 25-27 March 2015

Robertson base


Bridge House College: 14-22 March 2015

Robertson base

Bridge House

Twin Rivers Rehabilitation Centre: 1-3 April 2015

Willow Point base


Knysna Primary School 9 – 13 March 2015

The Knysna Primary Afrikaans groups arrived on the 9th and were followed by the English groups on the 11th.

Willow Point base

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Plettenberg Bay Primary School : 25-27 March 2015

The Grade 7 Girls from Plettenberg Bay Primary underwent a Leadership programme at our center in Sedgefield. Unfortunately the weather was not kind but nevertheless the girls remained in good spirits and made the most of their experience.


Rondebosch Boys – 30 March 2015

We hosted a 1-day Leadership/Team Effectiveness programme for the Grade 10 Rondebosch boys at their school grounds. Here is a sneak peak of one of the groups tackling the ‘Spider’s Web’ activity.

Nation Building Program Tuesday 2nd April– Saturday 06 April 2013

Rustenburg  Girls High School & Mfuleni Secondary School are looking for innovative ways to develop and promote integration between their two schools.
We aim to redefine false perceptions and prejudice through developing mutual trust and respect. Participants are drawn from a variety of socio economic backgrounds and encouraged to integrate, explore diversity and adapt to change through communication & group work



Our aim to facilitate a teambuilding program which promotes integration develops communication and explores diversity.




  • Personal Development
  • Team Building & Bonding/ Team Effectiveness
  • Exploring Diversity

 View Program Gallery Here



 Press Release Nation Building 2012



Rustenburg High 062



‘I was very hesitant about spending five days with people I am not familiar with, but it turned out to be an experience that I will never forget. I learned the importance of communication, listening skills sharing and respect. By the end of the course we had built a sisterhood family and had learnt to mentally prepare ourselves for everything.’ Yonela

‘I learned the importance of communication with other/different people, respect for and to others and learning to be used to being out of our comfort zone. We learnt how to face our fears and not to give up so easily. I made new friendships with girls from my school and girls from Mfuleni’ Tayla

‘One of our challenges included abseiling which I found brilliant and exciting. I found the rock climbing very challenging and I thank my peers and leaders for the support they gave me during the exercise. The most challenging day was the uphill hike, but also a day I will always remember because it showed me how I am capable of doing anything I put my mind to.’ Kea

The camp was very exciting ,frustrating and difficult because I had to learn things that were very hard and have to deal with people who have different beliefs,attitude,background and religion including race. I would tell somebody to come and enjoy him/herself because coming to the camp is an undoubtable decision and it is very exciting to come here’ Sinalo

‘I learned to be more patient and listen more carefully to other people’s ideas. I have also learned to go more extreme (as in rock climbing and abseiling) to trust in myself more and believe I can do the impossible. After this camp I feel more independent, that I can do things without hesitating and I feel I can trust in myself more too.’ Ashleigh

‘I learned many new practical skills during the activities like how to cook things or how to pitch a tent. I’ve learnt how to work in a group and develop systems etc. to make organisation and tasks easier. I’ve learnt a lot about other cultures and people from different backgrounds. Our leader Chris taught us many life lessons, practical skills and made the camp very enjoyable. He was persistent and helped us through different things like facing fears during rock climbing and abseiling. My experience was very in between, but altogether extremely fun I’d love to do it again in the future!’ Yabriela


‘An experience like this is one never to be forgotten. I think camps such as these not only make us stronger women, but also prepare us for similar situations we will all experience later in life. Overall a stellar, unforgettable real experience in which I have learned so much.’ Estine

‘I like that all of the challenges we went through challenged us both mentally and physically, and pushed us past our comfort zones. Having the Mfuleni there made the experience even more exciting and fun because I got to interact with different cultures and backgrounds and I felt they brought a new type of energy with them that was really fun and positive’ Dominique

‘It was a wonderful experience because we had to do things we’ve never done before,-and learn from them. There were some interesting things about the camp like to get to know everyone else better and to learn how to behave and treat everyone with respect and care.’ Gqozo

‘I made a lot of new friends and memories I will not forget. This camp has made me more grateful for what I have in my life. I will recommend this experience to other people as it helps to build your character and improve your leadership skills. Thank You Outward Bound for such a once in a lifetime experience.’ Chelsea

‘It was an experience that I will never forget. This camp helped to show me where my strong and weak points are and how to cope with different situations. I also learnt a lot about other cultures and ways of living.’ Elle

‘It was a very unique experience. I did things I never thought I would do. I learnt a lot about the girls of Mfuleni, I was interested to hear about their lives and how different they are. It was a very challenging camp but most enjoyable. The things I learnt here I will remember for a long time.’ Emily

‘I learnt some new skills and techniques e.g. rock climbing and abseiling. I learned to do things that I didn’t think I could do. I discovered fear and how to cope on my own. We learnt about cultures and even sang songs in Xhosa!’ Michelle

‘I never thought I would be able to cope with everything that we did but I managed an I’m really proud of myself. If you want to push yourself, discover more about yourself and develop leadership skills,this camp is the place to do it!’ Isabella




Gallery Nation Building Program Tuesday 2nd April– Saturday 06 April 2013

View the Program Objectives and Experience Letters Here


Press Release Nation Building 2012


SAEP Team Building Program : Sunday 24th – Thursday 28th February 2013

saep1_01 (1)


To present a Leadership Program outlining teamwork and communication as foundation phase for good leadership and providing opportunities to explore effective leadership principles.




• Personal Development
• Capacity Building
• Team Building & Bonding / Team Effectiveness
• Decision Making Strategies / Problem Solving


View the Program Gallery Here


Visit the SAEP Website Here





 ‘In the camp I had a great experience. I learnt a lot of things about life, people and myself. The activities were not easy but I did them all and I am very proud of myself. I discovered somethings about myself, now I am very confident and ready to take on responsibility. I feel so strong that I can stand any challenge coming my way and defeat it.’  Sihle


‘I had the feeling that these games are very hard and I will not be able to do them. As the time went by, I realised that I must not doubt myself, even though it may seem impossible, I must believe in myself and have faith in everything.’ Nicholas



 ‘For those who have not been here I would like to convince them to come….I have learned to build a bright future for myself because I have done all the tasks with success and enjoyment. I now know what to do and how to work as a team and face everyone’s differences and got to know each other very well. I am now feeling very strong and confident about myself to such an extent that I couldn’t wait to begin!’ Busiswa


 ‘I have learnt how to endure and persevere as a young person because not everything in life is going to be as smooth as margarine. I feel so strong and courageous and motivated because of what I have been through. My body is tired but my mind is fresh, full of knowledge and skills to face life challenges’ Yola


 ‘My experience of the camp was good because I have done things that I never thought I would do and I overcame my fears. I will use this in the future and nothing can stop me now, I will share my experience and the sky is no longer the limit for me.’ Sakhumzi


 ‘All in all I have learned how to socialise with new people, and to get to know them, and even suffering with them and accommodate and make compromises. This course stirred pride in me and I say perseverance breeds success.’ Sivabonga


‘I am now well equipped to work in a team or with a group. This skill will help me in my life or in my job. I learnt to stop talking and get working because actions speak louder than words. I feel very lucky that I have come here, I have learned what communication, teamwork, commitment and hard work is. I have improved on my personal responsibility and my attitude.’ Sibingile


 ‘First of all, I was glad we did not hunt Lion’s and snakes for food. The activities were hard, and seem impossible. The best part is after every activity I felt happy that I had achieved something. It motivated me to help making a change in someone’s life-I want to fill that role to those people who don’t have opportunities to come to Outward Bound. It was fun even though it was different I want to come back!’ Sibabalwe


‘The camp has the tendency to unleash one’s hidden true self.-I learned that courage, endurance and determination surmount all obstacles. At the camp, I had to face my worst nightmares, challenges and vanquish them with the power of motivation and courage. I got the chance to be surrounded by nature’s beauty; it relaxed my mind and gave me time to think about myself and my goals’ Lubabalo


 ‘I experience a lot of things, because I loved working with other people and I had the chance to do that, I also learned never to give up in everything in life overcoming challenges. I feel positive and know that everything that is put in front of me I know that I will do everything. I feel strong.’ Nkululeko


 ‘This camp makes a person to be able to know exactly who he/she is and to be able to know his/her weaknesses and strong points. I also learned that if you push yourself and tell yourself that there is nothing impossible for you and that nothing can stand in your way-if you are determined and committed to what you are doing, – At first I thought I couldn’t do it but as time goes I learnt to trust myself and always work with others as a team and afterwards I felt good and strong because I made it!’ Unathi


 “I have never been at a camp so to me it was a new experience. I learned to overcome my weaknesses as well as my fears because I knew they were holding me back to do my utmost best in activities. I also learned communication skills, to work well with other people. I felt good afterward because I felt motivated to do anything I wanted to and not let bad situations influence me in any way.’ Afikile


 ‘At the camp I have learned to manage time wisely. Working as a team is very good and I have learned to trust others. Now I believe I have the potential of doing anything, no matter how difficult it is.I have learned to overcome my fears and now I am strong enough for any other obstacles in life.’ Yamkela 


Gallery SAEP Program -Sunday 24th – Thursday 28th February 2013

View the program and experience letters here


Visit the SAEP website here