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“Hi OBSA team! I just got back from a 3 day camp with the RAA at the Robertson venue. It was intense and was mentally/physically and somewhat emotionally challenging but non-the less I enjoyed every second of it and would not let the chance to do it again slip through my fingers!”

Emma Wainwright

“It first appeared a daunting task and as we progressed through the course, it occurred to me that I actually could achieve so many more things that I thought were possible”

Samantha Sullivan

“This experience definitely brought our grade closer and taught us to get along with people we don’t generally spend time with”

Louis Franz Alberts

“Outward Bound was one of the toughest experiences of my life. It taught me endurance and perspective as well as to push myself”

Lulutho Madikane

“At Outward Bound I have learnt lots of things e.g. overcoming my fears and learning how to work in a group and to help others instead of being negative to others.”

Ubenathi Sakah

“So technically if I could summaries this, I would say so far it’s the best thing that has happened in my life!”

Kaitlyn Noble

“Thank you Outward Bound for building my life skills and helping me to become a stronger, braver, more confident and imaginative person.”

Avola Mavumbe

“Teamwork, communication and learning to never give up on anything life throws at you”

Mzingiso Tyelingane

“I learned teamwork, communication and stepping out of my comfort zone and trusting the process. Entrepreneurship is a long journey that requires perseverance and determination because the road is filled with stones and bumpy roads just like at Outward Bound”