Perfect for a weekend
Cost per person
Depending on the number of participants and the venue
2 or 3 days

UNLOCKING POTENTIAL- “Perfect for a weekend”

Option 1: 2 day course

Option 2: 3 day course

Home Based


  • Team-building
  • Motivation and Support
  • Problem Solving



  • High Ropes
  • Camping for one night
  • Camp Craft
  • Group Initiatives
  • Canoeing
  • Raft building
  • Nature Conservation
  • Short hikes
  • Short Solo

These short courses are designed to give participants a taste of the adventurous and exciting Outward Bound experience. The days will be packed with energetic and fun activities that take full advantage of the beautiful natural environment. Meals will be catered on base while the participants experience outdoor living through camping in tents. This course is specifically designed to encourage the creation of new friendships and the ability to work together with others.

The activities will be chosen based on the age of the participants and the number of days in the course. Participants will need to work as a team to complete various challenges such as the Berlin Wall, Limpopo Swing, Spider’s Web and Giant’s finger. These activities provide the opportunity for participants to be creative, share ideas and rely on one another.

Many games and initiatives will be played to keep the participants laughing while learning valuable communication and leadership skills. They will have the chance to do at least one activity on the water. Whether this is raft building, canoeing, kayaking or rafting it is bound to be a highlight of the course as the participants brave the cold water and enjoy the sunshine.

Participants will have the opportunity to attempt one or more high rope activities that encourage them to face their fears. They will learn to trust one another and the importance of providing positive encouragement during difficult times. These high rope activities provide the participants with a strong sense of achievement, building a positive self-esteem.

The natural environment will be enjoyed through a sunset hike, star gazing and early morning runs. Participants will leave exhausted after a fun-filled course with many memories and new friends.