School and corporate groups- Sedgefield only
Cost per person
From R410pp
1 day

The aim of this courses is for the participants to realize that the effort of the group results in a better performance and higher success rate than any individual effort alone.



  • Working towards a common goal
  • Improved communication – the value of good listening skills
  • Improved cooperation between team members
  • Commitment to the team
  • Volunteering for tasks
  • Completing and following up on all tasks
  • Sharing ideas
  • Cooperation with all team members
  • Increased trust
  • Support and motivation to help others to complete activities/challenges
  • Observing and evaluating different leadership styles

The time will be spent engaging in a number of challenging team tasks that encourage effective communication, team work and leadership. Imaginative thinking will be sparked in order to solve the problems together as a group. The importance of knowing your strengths, keeping a positive attitude, trusting others and delegating tasks will be an on-going theme throughout this programme.

Confidence will be built in all the participants as they push themselves to complete a number of different high rope activities. These activities are an opportunity to face ones fears and trust others to assist and motivate during difficult times. They will also work together to build a raft, providing a collective feeling of accomplishment. They will enjoy paddling their self-build raft together as they splash each other and laugh together on the water.

These skills hope to be grown in a relaxed and fun environment where the beauty of nature will be appreciated by all…