What to know when hiking in the Garden Route, South Africa.

Imagine you go hiking in the local Forests and Mountain Ranges of one of South Africa’s prime adventure spots, the Garden Route of the Western Cape. When on these types are escapades, there are always things that you should consider having on your or in your back pack. Here are 6 basic tips for hiking in the Garden Route that I have found useful in the past. However, please do not take these as a firm rule.  These are just tips based from my experience over the years.


  1. A good pair of hiking boots is invaluable. Many areas on the Outeniqua Mountains have unexpectedly rough terrain. Even if you are out on a moderate level hike, you don’t want to slip on a rock or twist your ankle because you were wearing takkies.
  2. A back pack with several compartments to store items is essential. Bring along items such as bandaids, antiseptic ointment, ole skin to cover blisters, flashlights (in case you get lost and end up hiking in the dark), bring a warm jacket, bug spray, a map of the area, a compass and your cell phone. Ensure that you have emergency contacts in case anything goes wrong.
  3. Ensure that you have enough water to drink. Keep rehydrating at all times because your body looses water in the form of sweat.
  4. As for your socks, wear something that is wool based. Wool won’t hold the sweat as much and it will allow your feet to actually breathe. Sweat accumulation in socks is a cause of blistering because a wet sock tends to rub against the skin more tightly than a dry one, which slides along the shoe.
  5. Take frequent rests as needed. Go slowly on your way down, since this is when most injuries occur. Gravity is pulling you down and you are tired, so you tend to slip on rocks and you could lose your footing easily.
  6. Do not hike alone in dangerous areas. Always have a few people to hike with as it might not be safe to hike alone.